25 Jan 2012


New Release on LAST KNOWN TRAJECTORY : “The Looting of Reason” EP by GALAXIAN

By  on Jan. 24 2012 | Category : Electro & More
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back to bionic GALAXIAN THE LOOTING OF REASON ep trajectory 1003 last known trajectory label dystopian electronic rave music New Release on LAST KNOWN TRAJECTORY : The Looting of Reason EP by GALAXIAN
The Dystopian producer GALAXIAN releases a committed E.P entitled “The Looting of Reason” on the great label Last Known Trajectory. Written before the uk riots of summer 2011, this solid project introduces some anticipated questions about the manipulations of citizens humans by the oppresive society. The point is : everyone should make some conscious choices and to reclaim the meaning of human life. Interesting to see the reality is catching up so fast the fiction and more ‘funny’ to hear the government lying about the nonsense of riots. “The Looting of Reason” is a coherent ep, not easy to listen but it must be listen to the beginning to end more as cyberpunk novel than a simple electro tunes package. According to its rough theme, the production is cold & dark however in some way pretty trippy and of course very unique. By means of this release, GALAXIAN proves once again that music is more deep when it’s about social disintegration (and not about assimilation). Recommended!



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