10 Oct 2012



Quickie: Enter The Void

Photo by Linda McLaughlin

QUICKIE: Enter The Void
WORDS: Lucy Molloy

A quick reflection following Void's party in August: 

“Last weekend I made a welcome return to Glasgow after a summer of partying down south in the big smoke. As I ventured into Chambre 69 I was met with theVoid ‘Space Beacon’ - think Nasa meets Techno. Squish Kibosh played an early set which was as experimental as his artwork, while DJ Dribbler and Void residents Smiddy and Peacock took care of things til 2am. Headliner Galaxianthen took to the decks in his trademark mask and the crowd were treated to a live showcase of new releases which are forthcoming on the label. Not being the most technicaly savvy, I caught up with him and enquired as to what the hell he uses to make such mental techno - "It's basically laptop based, using Abelton Live. I use a launchpad and a Novation Nocturn to control FX. To go a little deeper, all my songs are broken up into their individual parts - kicks, snares, pads, bass and so on. It means i can play any single sound from any song at any point or remix on the fly or create new tunes out of that, which i often do. In fact, I have created a whole new downbeat droney techno set this week using that method and some choice FX." Unfortunately he faced a few technical difficulties but these went mostly unnoticed and did little to detract from what was a stellar performance. The city centre after party defied the numerous attempts from the police to shut it down and Smiddy’s set stole the show.

For me Void are champions of intelligent, forward-thinking productions which push the boundaries of modern-Techno. Be sure to check out their tumblr, it’s perfect for productive procrastination.”


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