13 Dec 2012

preview: VA "Dead Cities Vol.1" (One Eyed Jacks, 2012) - out December 17th

Superb new compilation from Portugals finest label. Released Monday 17 Dec. Check my track out "Lie machine"

"I had killed a man... a man who looked like me."

Dead Cities isn't just an homage to the Future Sound of London album of the same name - a record that tainted our first incursions into Philip K. Dick's meta-realities as an accidental soundtrack to the books -, but more of an ongoing label-project, a continuous showcase for a group of artists gathered around One Eyed Jacks by serendipity.

Our 1st compilation steps beyond the nuclear OEJ crew - Photonz, Pal +, Violet or RoundHouse Kick - to include works of other artists that actively subvert the legacy of Detroit, Chicago or european Rave in their intuitive, self-investigative dives into the psychoid reality. For the 1st volume of this series we're proud to present twelve artists that seek their own will in a world saturated by consumer research, charged sigils, subliminal marketing and pre-destined, hierarchic roles, regaining control of the subconscious mind and operating beyond the veil of Kali.


01. http://soundcloud.com/ivvvo "Burn"
02. http://soundcloud.com/h-o-r-s "Metamineral"
03. http://soundcloud.com/photonz "Veil of Kali"
04. http://soundcloud.com/roundhouse-kick & http://soundcloud.com/theodoreallen "Invocation I"
05. http://soundcloud.com/infestus "Hook N Loop"
06. http://soundcloud.com/palplus "The Hentai Cut"
07. http://soundcloud.com/violet "Golden Chain"
08. VOIRON a.k.a. http://soundcloud.com/djpathetik "Hoover and Hoover"
09. http://soundcloud.com/galaxian "Lie Machine"
10. http://soundcloud.com/kruton-1 "Illanois"
11. Diem "IV" (http://soundcloud.com/tundra-dubs)
12. http://soundcloud.com/chrononautz "Predestination"


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